Latest News: Team Including TSU Astronomers Discover Planetary System Much Closer to Earth


May 2015 - Team including TSU astronomers discover planetary system much closer to Earth
May 2015 -
TSU to host Defence department center of excellence on cyber security
October 2014 -
Hubble reveals most detailed exoplanet weather map ever
October 2014 -
Using Hubble Space Telescope, team including TSU astronomers develop most detailed exoplanet weather map
July 2014 -
After 44 years, TSU engineer and administrator Michael Busby "retiring with a great deal of joy"
October 2010 -
Rare exoplanet has 'Star Wars' twin sunset
October 2010 -
'Star Wars' Planet with 2 Suns Challenges Theories
November 1999 -
Astronomers prove that planets exist outside our solar system


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